Guevercinlik Hafen
The small fishing port of Güvercinlik.

Güvercinlik is the first settlement towards Bodrum, with a sea that rests like a lake. All around small hotels, restaurants and houses. Opposite the island Salih. Güvercinlik is a place that says “hello” to Bodrum. On the hill to the east of Salih Island, a tall and spacious island, stand fir forests, its foothills are dotted with olive trees. The bay in the southeast of the island, on whose coast a white house stands, is the most beautiful bay of the island. It is full of trees and has a sandy beach. Despite the pollution in recent years, with fish farms nearby, the sea is still clear. Meanwhile, all fish farms have been moved from the bay, towards the open sea. In the south there is another bay, on which a settlement with 7.8 holiday homes stands. Although it is claimed that the ancient city of Karyansa was located on Salih Island, remains that could prove the existence of a settlement are virtually extinguished. According to this statement, the inhabitants of Karyanda left the island, settled near Türkbükü / Gölköy and founded the New Karyanda there.

Güvercinlik Markt
Güvercinlik Markt

Once a week, every Monday, there is a market in Güvercinlik. The market is set up at 07:00 and lasts the whole day. Only in the evening, the sellers begin to reduce their stalls. Many sellers come from outside to offer their goods. But since this is a small village market, you can see the farmers from the area coming. Watermelons e.g. are approached immediately with the tractor. Many women farmers also simply spread a cloth and offer on this their goods, which you usually grow yourself. Basically, the prices are low compared to European prices. In spite of that you can haggle peacefully. To give an example: tomatoes: 0,50 YTL / kg, grapes and figs: 2,50 YTL / kg, sugar melons: 1, -YTL / pcs.

Güvercinlik KüsteIn the meantime, of course, the village is developing like everything else in the world. Now there is an ATM and also a pharmacy. The sewage system is finished and will be put into operation after the test runs. Also, the water of the bay has become much clearer (since the fish farms were moved). There is even in the men’s cafe, in part of it, an 8-PC Internet cafe. Click on photos for the pictures of Güvercinlik …