After Bitez comes the Yahsi Beach of Ortakent (Müsgebi), the longest beach in the region, about 12 km from Bodrum. The sea is a bit cooler compared to the other parts of the peninsula, but so clean that it has been awarded the “Blue Flag”. Behind the bay follows a green valley that stretches with its gardens full of citrus trees to the road to Bodrum. Here the village life continues as before. Ortakent, also county seat, is located above the main road

In recent years many new and quality hotels have been built along the coastal strip Ortakent / Yahsi beach. Everyone can find something appropriate. One kilometer north of Ortakent, archaeological excavations were conducted to find clay pots, bowls and bronze objects, some of which are exhibited in Bodrum’s Underwater Museum. It is known that the ancient settlements in the area continued to exist during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. It is believed that an Apollo temple, which stood in the present-day village Çakmali, was rebuilt into a church in the Byzantine era and used as the center of the diocese. Thereafter, it should have been used by the monk chief Episkopi, whose name the vernacular as “Müsgebi” reproduced.

Two-story old Greek houses on the coast, called “Arpranga”, are under protection. You have an impressive view over the entire bay. On the sandy beach, which stretches for miles, in the morning and evening hours wonderful walks can be taken.