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Corel Draw 12 crashes due to KodakCMS.dll

When using Corel Draw 12 under Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, Corel Draw 12 may crash after the start of the program, either immediately or after a few clicks.

Windows 7 Professional only gives out the message that the software is closed. Mostly it’s the guilty KodakCMS.dll. This should be renewed, but lo and behold, it’s not so easy to find KodakCMS.dll.

This is on your PC in the folder:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Corel \ Corel Graphics 12 \ Programs \ kodakcms.dll


You can go to: http://download.kodak.com/keccs/v1_0_1/rlx_kodak_install.exe
Download and install the Kodak software for editing and ordering images directly from Kodak.

After installation, you will open the folder of newly installed Kodak software. Under:
C: \ Program Files \ Kodak EasyShare Custom Creations Software \ kip \ bin \
you find the newly installed kodakcms.dll.

Copy this file and replace kodakcms.dll at: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Corel \ Corel Graphics 12 \ Programs \.

That’s it! Now your Corel Draw 12 will work as usual without crashes.

The software from Kodak you can confidently uninstall now, we have only used the kodakcms.dll of it 😉