Torba is one of the bays on the peninsula closest to Bodrum – just 6 km away. The fir-trees are here down to the coast. Even though a fire caused great damage 3 years ago, the green continues to dominate. Because the north side of the Bodrum peninsula is hit by more wet winds, it is greener. On the south side, on the other hand, because it is drier, it grows mainly maquis.

Torba is a quiet and pleasant place. The only ruin that has survived through history is a monastery from the 4th to 5th century. Century. Because the bay is closed, there are no waves on the sea even on days when the wind blows heavily.

A large holiday village, quality and small hotels and restaurants lined up along the coast. This starts at the end of the ferry landing stage and ends at the marina. From the coast you can easily go to the sea. Because the sea is not deep and clean. An ideal place for those who want to holiday in a quiet, silent atmosphere … Let us mention that there are ferries from the landing stage to Didim.