After Bodrum Turgutreis is the largest settlement. In the place, which got its name from the well-known navigator Turgut Reis, stands a monument of this captain. Turgutreis is an ideal place for surfers with its small Çata island in front of it.

He competes with his winds, his freshness and his hotels of every class with Bodrum. The area around Turgutreis is a well-developed agricultural area full of tangerines, figs and grapes. Fourteen large and small islands forming the Sporat archipelago line Turgutreis. Greek islands like Kos (Istanköy) and Kalynos are right next to this archipelago.

Co-operative houses found on every side of Bodrum have also defended their rights in Turgutreis. In the village are many alternatives to budget hotels and guest houses to choose from. After working for three years on the coast of Turgutreis, this is in a well-developed condition. A marina is now also in the place, which has become busier and more lively. The coasts of Turgut Rice are also great for surfers.