After Gümbert Bitez comes, a long sandy beach in the form of a half-moon, which forms the east side of the bay. Because it is shallow and a bit boggy on the side of the Adaburun peninsula, you can not go into the sea there. The beach to the west, on the other hand, is beautiful and ideal for children, as it is flat in the sea. Beach and sea are very clean. The streets are well maintained. Because the main road runs past the hotels, guesthouses and restaurants that line the beach, the location provides a further benefit for families with children. For those arriving by car, there is no reason to worry, parking is plentiful.

Bitez is the best place to surf in the area around the Bodrum Peninsula, and even throughout Turkey. Englishmen discovered this years ago and founded surf schools at the bay. So you can take surf lessons at Sun Word Sailing. Umbrellas and sun loungers, which can be found anywhere on the coast of Bitez, are free. In the restaurants surrounded by gardens overlooking the sea, in the bars and cafes you can eat or have a drink.

The other name of Bitez is “Agaçli” (consisting of many trees). Going from the beach towards the interior, you can find many mandarin gardens, as well as houses surrounded by gardens. Intensive development is not granted permission. In the evening it gets quiet in Bitez, no disturbing noise and no crowds. The restaurants and bars on the beach revive, but unlike Bodrum or Gumbet, it has a quiet atmosphere. If you want to spend a cozy evening, Bitez is the place for you. Bitez is also visited by the day trip boats that depart in Bodrum.