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Anchovies made from anchovies, Ançuez-Hamsi

Two weeks ago I saw anchovies (Hamsi in Turkish) at the fishmonger’s in Moabit. Since these were very fresh, I got the idea to make anchovies out of it. Actually very simple but needs some time.
First, of course, the anchovies were washed, except, decapitated, removed the bone and washed again.

Anchovis-Sardellen-Hamsi-Ancuez-01So you are here now. Except and everything removed and dry on a piece of newspaper.


Thereafter, the anchovies are inserted with coarse-grained sea salt. This means that there is always a layer of anchovies, with the halves always open from the salt, and a layer of sea salt piled up. At the bottom, first a thick layer of sea salt, then only the first layer with the anchovies.

This looks something like this:Anchovis-Sardellen-Hamsi-Ancuez-04


When all the anchovies have been stacked, the whole is covered again with a thick layer of salt.

So the whole thing has to mature for about 1.5 months. The anchovies are then removed from the salt, rinsed briefly with cold water and then placed in glass containers. Finally, top up with sunflower oil and store in a cool place. This way, the anchovies that have now become anchovies can be stored for about 1 year.


And now, I wish you much success.