The island of Karaada is located opposite Bodrum, at a distance of 4 miles. It is visited by the day trip boats and ships dock there overnight. Their name means “black” (kara), but it is a green island full of firs.
On the side that faces Bodrum there is a cave, attraction for yachts and excursion boats. On the coast you will find a small motel and a restaurant. It is said that the mud in the cave heals skin diseases.
However, more importantly, it is reported that the grace of Cleopatra, famous for its beauty, comes from this mud. That’s why women in particular smear their body and face with this mud and let them take souvenir photos in their new black skin. Then you can bathe in the hot thermal water in the cave, then immerse yourself in the blue waves of the sea.
At the back of the island there are coasts and beaches, one of which is more beautiful than the other. The most beautiful and largest of them is the port of Poyraz. The sea, covered with sand in its depth, looks like an aquarium. One mile to the east of Poyraz Harbor, north of Yassi Island, is Adali Bay. A mile to the north of the Tavsan headland, on the other hand, is the Çemperbæk Bay. Both are crystal clear bays with sand, as the ships love it.