Gümüslük, which was founded on the site of the ancient city of Myndos, is one of the loveliest places on the Gümüslük peninsula. He was able to preserve his character as a small village and his fish restaurants, where one never tires of fish to cook and octopus salad, and the Tavsan (rabbit) island, on which the animals of the same name walk around and from the bay wading through the sea with its high-stretched legs, a nice place.

Coming from Bodrum, pass the Peksimet Strait without going down to the coast, and when you leave the hill where windmills are standing, get out of their vehicle. Consider Gümüslük first from above. You can leave your vehicle at the entrance of the village in a parking lot. Walk a few steps. The ancient Lelegische town of Myndos is partly under water and if you can dive, you can see the ruins. The bay forms a sheltered, natural harbor. From the ancient settlement of Myndos, which today looks like a sunken city, you can see the ruins of the stadium, a theater, the city walls and a mosaic. A Byzantine-era church is now used as a house of art. Another small church on a hill now serves as a bar. On the floor are cushions, there is a small cactus forest and under your feet lies the sea.

The area is under development protection. Gümüslük is attractive at any time of the day. Have breakfast in one of the tea gardens or pastry shops on the edge of the sea, with a sweet particle straight from the oven and a well-drawn tea. You can take your morning walk through the sea to Tavsan Island. Or you climb up to the village of Karakaya on the Gumusluk mountain and look at the surroundings. The stone houses of the village, which recently made an impression, have since revived by new owners. Also during the day you will have many opportunities to swim in the sea.

The inland harbor, which stretches right to the heart of the Dönmez promontory, lies there like a lake. The bay, which rests unmoving even in the harshest weather, is a favorite of the Blue Journey ships.On the shores of Gumusluk it is possible to go to the sea from any side, from the shore or from the sea, from the sand or from the rocks Every spot is clean, these shores have not been given the Blue Flag for nothing, the Sporat Islands offer an unequaled choice for those looking for something special, and another day you can visit Koyunbaba Bay on the Yalikavak side The green blocks of stone, lying as if they had been cut with a knife, make for an interesting sight, blocking the swimmers from the area by the bay and taking them in their arms, as well as the soft, easy-to-work rock in Halicarnassus used for the construction of the mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Evenings in Gümüslük

The most beautiful time in Gümüslük begins with the end of dawn. In Gümüslük the day starts late, but also the evening. When the sun comes out late over the hill, it sinks in the evening, mirroring itself in a thousand colors above the sea. The color of the water is first red, then it turns silver. The best fish restaurants of the Bodrum Peninsula are located in Gümüslük. Sit at one of the tables that are set at the edge of the sea and enjoy a plate of fish and raki, which also includes fine starters. Many local dishes are offered. The market in Gümüslük takes place on Wednesdays. Fresh vegetables and fruits are sold at the stands.