Shopping in Bodrum and the surrounding area.

In Bodrum you can do a lot of shopping. Gold jewelry, leather, rugs or antiques. Of course you should be careful when buying antiques. Old stones should be treated with caution, because it is strictly forbidden to carry them out of the country or to act with them. When buying leather you are offered different varieties. That lamb leather e.g. has a very good quality but it is also more sensitive than cowhide. Trading is of course required in all purchases.

There are several shops offering carpets. Many of them offer rugs from all over Turkey. But there are also traders offering carpets made in the region, because in and around Bodrum there are still many villages in which carpet weaving is the family’s main source of income. In Milas, Mumcular, Kuyucak or Kiyikislacik, during a summer trip, you will see women and girls making carpets or kilims in the yard.


There is a market in Bodrum two days a week. Every Tuesday is textile market and every Friday fruit and vegetable market. You can see some photos of the market under the heading Photos / Bodrum. There you will not only find traders, many small farmers from the area offer your goods here. The tomatoes e.g. are not all the same looking but all the tastier. The spice stalls offer many different spices from all over the country, and at some stalls there are also local specialties such as the fruit of the agave, which can be peeled and eaten right away. She is refreshing. On the textile market you can find pretty much everything. From Lacost T-shirts (!) To carpets you can find a lot. But here action is announced.

Markets in the area.

There is not only in Bodrum market. There are also markets in the surrounding villages.

In Güvercinlik there is every Monday Mart (textiles and fruit vegetables, mixed).

In Yalikavak every Thursday a bigger market is built up.

Every Sunday there is a market in Mumcular, where most of the locals are local visitors.

And every Tuesday in Milas, a very large market is built, occupying a small quarter of the town. In my opinion, this market is also the Interressanteste.

On market days you should keep in mind that the Dolmusche can be very busy, so plan your time.