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Blue trıp

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As Bodrum was still a forgotten fishing village on the southern Turkish Aegean coast, there lived a famous Turkish writer who had incurred the wrath of the government, practically in the “exile”. However, his friends had not forgotten him, visited him numerous, and so one would take boat trips in the scenic surroundings of Bodrum, to anchor in one of the many bays, to fish, and to picnic.

Those who came back enthusiastically talked about these boat trips, and when tourism began to develop in the 1980s, some of the “gulets” that used to be used as barges and fishing boats were made into excursion boats for the “Blue Journey”. remodeled.

Bodrum 008In the meantime, the Blue Voyage is a household name in Turkish tourism, and is held annually by hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world. A Blue Journey with a Gulet is a boating holiday without any risk of getting seasick, because the yachts usually drive under motor from a beautiful bay to the next, where you can swim, snorkel or just sunbathe! Many gulets have water sports equipment on board, so you can go water skiing, spin a banana, windsurf, fish.

Bodrum Gulet

There are all quality and price categories for the “Blue Journey”:
simple day trip Kaikies, some without, some with cabins for overnight stays,
smaller gulets up to 6 people (but here is always a captain!)
Large gulets rented by travel companies, in which one can rent oneself as an individual or a couple, and then with a group of previously unknown fellow travelers spend his boating holiday – usually offered as an “all inclusive” package holiday.

And, of course, exclusive charter of gulets of higher standards, which undertake the individual sailing trip with your self-organized group. Of course, you can determine and carry out many activities yourself – everything from diving to paragliding is possible!