After Türkbükü with its pretty, whitewashed houses, which lie between mandarin gardens, led until recently no land route. One could reach the place only from the sea. For this reason, the place remained largely untouched.

Türkbükü Felsengräber
Türkbükü rock graves

But in recent years, like many other such places, Türkbükü has been “discovered” and the construction of holiday homes began. In ancient times Türkbükü was used by the Lycians as a port. Ships sailed from here to the Gulf of Gulluk.
Although very scattered, the cysts and rock tombs appear in front of the walkers. Türkbükü has become popular. If you walk around here, you can meet celebrities from television, film and other art circles. They often come here, some have a cottage in Türkbükü.
Turkbuku, 20 km from Bodrum, is a haven for those who want to spend a quiet holiday or a quiet day away from the crowds and noise in Bodrum. The coastal road is closed to traffic over the summer. The wooden landing stages that extend into the sea are used by hotels and restautants so that you can go out into the sea or sunbathe all day long. As dusk sets in, these footbridges are turned into restaurants and bars. Tables and chairs are set up on them, and candles and fire in giant barrels standing on the sandy beach are lit. Generally, familiar faces take their place at the tables and service begins. Various types of fish, fresh from the surrounding fish farms, are placed on the grill and the raki bottles are opened. Those who want to last the night, get up at midnight and take the road to Bodrum. In Türkbükü it will be quieter, even though the night is not over yet. In the bars, where every kind of music is played, it continues until the morning. On a walk along the coast you can find peace, accompanied by the melody of the waves and the light of the full moon …

The Museum of historical figures and models

In Türkbükü there is a special museum. Historical figures and models, a collection by the architect Emre Kunt, are exhibited in a part of his house. To visit the museum, make an appointment by phone (0252 377 62 23).

Excursions to the surrounding area

Türkbükü is located on the south coast of the Gulf of Güllük between the headlands Mesire and Sapli in a wide harbor. Before Türkbükü is the island of Badem, on the hill behind the village you will find ruins of the historic city of Masanda. The remains, surrounded by stony and brick piles, include two towers, ruins of a house, cisterns, tombs and a stone-lined square. Before the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, Greeks lived in this area.

Boat tours in the area

Werft in Türkbükü
Shipyard in Türkbükü

Throughout the summer, boat tours are organized in Türkbükü, starting from the jetty and leading into the surrounding area. Morning between 10 – 11 clock the boats leave and return in the evening between 17 – 18 clock back. For breaks, the quiet bays in the north of the peninsula are preferred. Visited are the islands Ikiz Adalar, the bays Kizil and Hattatlar, the harbor Derin, the islands Apostol and Tavsan as well as Gundogan and Dikilitas. Lunch and afternoon tea are included in the price.

How to get to Türkbükü

To get from Bodrum to Türkbükü you drive via Torba and Gölköy. The road, which runs through a pine forest, then leads down to Türkbükü. In Bodrum, shared taxis depart every 45 minutes and reach Türkbükü within half an hour.

What do you eat?

In the restaurants on the coast there are seafood, all sorts of fish and various meats. In winter you can taste the tasty sole in Türkbükü. At the tables set up on the jetties over the sea, the evenings are cheerful and cheerful. Some of the restaurants along the coast also serve breakfast in the morning. If you want to eat a snack during the day, you can visit the meat pie chefs. Or in the restaurants, which have different kinds of Börek on their menu. Also at fast food restaurants is not missing. And small pubs that are open at all times offer an alternative with their tasty dishes.