Mosque visit

There are several mosques in the city of Bodrum. The Tepecik Mosque is located directly at the big harbor at the landing stages of the gulets. The new mosque and the central mosque are both right in the city center. But you will also see mosques in many villages and villages in the area. Basically everyone can enter a mosque, because it is a church. You can only visit a mosque, or even in your prayers, whether Muslim – Christian Jew or any other religion. It is open to everyone.

At a mosque visit you should pay attention to a lot. It is not welcome when you visit them with shorts / skirts, low necklines, short sleeves or cropped, let alone swimsuit. The shoes are pulled out in front of the front door, and at the much visited mosques there are also cupboards or containers in which headscarves – bloomers are ready. Women should wear a headscarf during the visit. If you visit a mosque and see prayers there, they always try to be quiet and not to rush past the prayers. It should also be ensured that no unpleasant odors emanate from us, you should not smell of alcohol or strong garlic.

When a Muslim goes to a mosque, he / she is careful to be dressed properly and cleanly. Before the prayer, the body is cleansed. The face, even behind the ears, forearms and feet are washed. During this ritual, not only the body, but also the spirit is purified, so one prepares for prayer. The mosque is entered with the right foot and left with the left foot. Shoes are not allowed, so carpets are laid out everywhere in the mosque, because during prayer, the floor is touched several times during the prostration. The praying person goes to Mecca and begins his prayer. At the latest, one should not walk past a praying person, because one should not disturb the concentration and attachment between God and the praying one. That’s why you do not see any human figures, statues or pictures in the mosques. The praying person should not be disturbed in his concentration in prayer.

A Muslim prays at five times a day. However, if it is prevented, for health or other reasons, it may be less. For praying a Muslim goes to a mosque, but this is not mandatory. If you should be prevented, you can also pray where you are right now. In Islam, there are also duties that are imposed on a Muslim, but I will soon write them down.