In the area of ​​Yalikavak, 18 km from Bodrum, stand most of the windmills that symbolize Bodrum. One of them is on the coast and maybe you can see them when their wings turn. The area here is also the windiest.

The bays Tikicik, Pasa and Agaçbasi, which are located in the area, are beautiful and have wide sandy beaches. To get into the sea early in the morning or go for a walk, Arka Küdür Bay can be an extremely enjoyable alternative (turn left after the Küdür Mosque and follow Fok Caddesi Road to reach the bay). , As a morning walk, you can also climb to the village of Sandima, which is 2 km from Yalikavak. The village consists of stone houses, which give an abandoned impression, and offers a very nice view.

Do not stay in a hotel, so you can have breakfast in the loft-covered restaurants at the pier. In the morning freshness you will be presented with a rich breakfast table with homemade marmalade. Another day you can spend the evening in the village of Geris, which is called the “Tibet of Bodrum”. Sit in the Café Ali and watch the sunset from there. Afterwards, you can enjoy delicious appetizers in the restaurant Hasan’in Yeri at the pier. The sources of drinking water in Yalikavak provide plenty of water. But do not look for the poplars mentioned in the place name (Kavak poplar), you will not find them. There are many oak trees in the area. The market of Yalikavak, which takes place on Wednesdays and is held until noon, is especially famous for its fabrics from Denizli.